In today’s volatile, context-dependent world, learning interventions need to be customised to the organisation, its operating environment, and must deliver real value through increased revenue, growth or cost saving.


Targeted just-in-time support can be essential for leaders going through transition or dealing with rapid organisational change. Our Executive Coaching can help turn potential into performance especially in complex markets.


We design and facilitate vision and strategy processes, working with executive teams to understand and find effective solutions to their business challenges, especially engaging with with digital transformation.

FIGT2021 Embracing & Bridging Differences: Introducing our Keynote Speakers – Ragil Ratnam

On 13th March, our MD Ragil Ratnam will be a keynote speaker at the Families in Global Transition Conference kicking off next week (https://www.figt.org/2021-Keynote-Presentations). For those of you with complex histories and cultural backgrounds, this conference allows you to meet and engage with people like yourselves. Do join if you can.

Ragil Ratnam

Managing Director, Pure Growth Asia

Sri Lankan-born South African Ragil Ratnam wears a variety of hats, among them managing director of leadership advisory firm Pure Growth Asia, orchestrator with Duke Corporate Education, visiting professor at Sasin business school and president of the South African-Thai Chamber of Commerce. After graduating with an MSc in clinical psychology from North-West University, his career took him to work with Old Mutual in South Africa and Credit Suisse in Singapore. He is a committed Rotarian and lists travelling, painting and photography among his interests. He is married to Ninwadee Ninsiri.



Ragil Ratnam, MD of Pure Growth Asia, and Chairman of the South African-Thai Chamber of commerce sat down with David Norcross, MD of Lexicon, to discuss tips on remote working and why empathetic leadership is vital in this period of rapid change, Ragil also suggests some timeless works of literature that every business leader should read during this lockdown period.



We have designed and facilitated leadership development for dozens of global and local organisations, ranging from Fortune 500 companies like Credit Suisse and Coca-Cola, to emerging tech start-ups like Playlab and Pomelo, and public organisations such as UNICEF, The World Bank Group and The Royal Thai Navy. The focus of our programs is tailored for each organisations requirements and includes improving strategic implementation, creating sustainable results and exploring authentic leadership.

“Our programs are tailored for each organisation’s needs”

Our engagement process begins with understanding the unique context your leaders encounter and working with you to collaboratively design the most impactful learning experience for them. Each program is designed to incorporate the most up-to-date pedagogical thinking, and we focus on creating learning opportunities that allow leaders to explore ways to leverage their own strengths to deliver results, rather than teaching content that may or may not be relevant for them.


As organisations grow internationally and engage with digital transformation, leaders need to be able to adjust quickly to different environments and work comfortably with partners and colleagues from different countries in order to succeed sustainably. Our programmes have been designed for and delivered on four continents, for leaders from many countries and cultures. Effective learning needs to take into account the different cultures in the room and the different environments that leaders face in the workplace, as well as the need for them to be adaptive and change resilient.

“Leaders need to be able to work across culture and be change resilient”

Learning that improves a leader’s performance needs to not only provide technical knowledge or fundamental leadership skills but also support leaders in broadening their perspective, build change capability, develop strategic thinking, and understand and leverage their own strengths in various contexts. Our programs create the space for leaders to truly learn, no matter their background and culture.

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